Jamie Taylor is a mesmeric* story-teller. 

Ask her to tell you about how great her stories are. 

You won't regret it.**

O, o, o, o. is her family. 

The Jamie and Sarah Experience Project*** is her other family. 

Fight, like you won’t wake up tomorrow, for life is like a battle that you have to win or it doesn’t count. 

Kick a dead horse with passion, love, and dedication, and it will rise up once again. 

Love like you know no boundaries.

If you need to say it, scream it. 

The whole world will be listening. 

Grow old with us, and hold meee.

So,o,o,o anyways if you need tips or advice on how to be the life of the party, and look good doing it, ask Jamie. 


*Wait k I actually wrote “riveting” story-teller but then word suggested “mesmeric” under synonyms. I want to seem more smart on the innernets.

**Just make sure you aren’t drinking milk when you are asking me about something funny that happened, cause you will definitely spit it out! Lols! ;P

***It’s a platonic partnership with Sarah Faye Bernstein that gives you life advice, because we are so experienced with life.